Code of conduct

Dreams on wheels stands for sustainability and integrity. Ours is a culture that will meet not only legal requirements, but also the highest ethical and moral standards. We expect fully rule-compliant behavior from our employees and business partners. Honesty is the basic requirement for a trustworthy and stable partnership and cooperation. Sustainability is a firmly established element of our business policy. We see these values as requirements. They are for us at the same time the guiding principle for our daily action.

Dreams on wheels shall act solely on the basis of written agreements that clearly describe the subject of the assignment, as well as agreed fees and charges. Hidden benefits are neither granted nor accepted by Dreams on wheels.

Dream on wheels understands the integrity and sustainability of its actions as a matter of course. This is true both for national and international mandates.

Dream on wheels ensures adherence to his principles even when the partners are committed to principle in writing.

Dreams on wheels is independent and disapproves of any form of instrumentalization.

Dream on wheels has no ideological or political interests, but is generally based on the interests of its clients.

Dream on wheels ensures the highest level of independence, objectivity and absolute confidentiality at all times.

All information within the framework of mandates offered by these is treated by Dreams on wheels with utmost sensitivity and discretion.

Dreams on wheels checks for any possible conflicts of interest before order acceptance. Should such be determined, Dreams on wheels rejects the order.

Dream on wheels rejects orders designed to unlawful or pursuing unconstitutional goals.